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Bright futures begin with informed care

Give your child a healthy head start with our advanced genetic health screening designed for newborns, infants & children.

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Why Test?

We provide clarity and confidence from the start.

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How it Works?

Initiate your journey in 5 easy steps to test your child.

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Disease Screening

We provide clarity and confidence from the start.

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Medication Insights:

We provide clarity and confidence from the start.

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We provide clarity and confidence from the start.

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The blueprint of your health: Why screen your child’s DNA?

Parenthood comes with the responsibility of nurturing and protecting our little ones. At the heart of Fore’s mission lies a powerful blend of support, education, and empowerment—three pillars designed to guide you through the complexities of genetic health with confidence and clarity.


11% of children are born with genetic predispositions to certain diseases.

Over 30,000,000 people in the US live with a genetic disease, this means approximately 10% of children are born with predisposition to a genetic disease with 70% of genetic disease showing symptoms in childhood. This statistic isn’t just a number; it’s a call to action.


By understanding your child’s genetics, you’re equipped to address their risk of genetic disease proactively, rather than reactively, transforming the fear of the unknown into the strength of being an informed, proactive parent.

Your child’s health is as unique as they are


Parents understand how amazing their little one is. Every little detail is what makes them so special. Their healthcare should be just as individualized.

Precision medicine is that individual solution, it’s here now, we empower families to capture this health benefit.

Today’s questions

Providing clear answers to your current health inquiries.

Tomorrow’s precautions

Preparing you for what the future might hold with preventive insights.

A lifetime of unknowns

Equipping you with the knowledge to face unforeseen health challenges confidently.

Proactive Parenting: Elevating care through early action

In the landscape of modern parenting, being proactive isn’t just beneficial—it’s transformative. The forward-thinking approach of addressing potential diseases and conditions before a child shows symptoms can significantly alter the course of a child’s health journey.

Early detection means early action, leading to improved care plans, better symptom management, and, crucially, the mitigation of outcomes. It transforms the quality of life, reducing the severity of conditions before they have a chance to take root.


Proactive Parenting:
A brighter path forward

  1. Diet Decisions

    Parents can follow diets that delay, reduce or even prevent onset of health conditions.

  2. Lifestyle Choices

    Parents can start their children with activities that will impact onset of symptoms.

  3. Therapy & Medication Options

    Parents can start therapies early to help manage their child’s condition.

  4. Informed Provider Relationship

    Start the most informed and impactful relationship with your provider, with testing results certified for provider use and support for your provider as needed.

Empowering your child’s healthcare

At the core of our mission is a commitment to make advanced genetic health solutions not just available, but accessible and understandable for every family. We’re here to guide, support, and educate, ensuring you feel fully informed and comfortable at every step of your journey. Our process reflects this mission—personal, confidential, and designed to empower.

Our personalized process:

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Our process is more than a series of steps—it’s a pathway to empowering your family with the knowledge and support you need to navigate your child’s health with confidence. With Fore, you’re never alone on this journey. We’re committed to providing the resources, support, and insights you need to make informed decisions about your child’s genetic health and well-being.

Getting Started


When you’re ready to proceed, completing your purchase online is easy. We’ll then welcome you to our secure online portal, where you’ll provide information about your family and your child that can be reviewed by our doctors.


Pre-test Counseling


After completing enrollment and approval by our doctors, you’ll be invited to set up a pre-test genetic consultation. This ensures you’re fully informed before proceeding.


Providing a Sample


A sample collection kit will arrive in the mail, complete with simple instructions for a cheek swab. It’s quick, painless, and the only thing you’ll need to do. Return the kit to our lab using the provided mailer. Once your sample arrives, we’ll notify you that testing is underway. Our labs take 4-6 weeks once the sample is received to generate a clinical report.


Reviewing your child’s genetic health report


After screening, you’ll receive a notification to schedule a results consultation with our genetic counselors. This is a chance to understand your child’s report and ask any questions. We encourage involving your pediatrician or family doctor if you wish.


Continued support and education


After receiving your report, our support doesn’t end. Maintain access to our secure online portal and receive on-going education about health conditions relevant to your child and family.


One simple test for your child’s health

Our mission extends beyond providing services; we’re here to accompany your family through every moment, every decision, and every milestone. We offer the pinnacle of science and service in personalized healthcare, seamlessly integrating scientific expertise with the coordination of your healthcare needs.


Exceeding standards in quality and care

We’re committed to excellence in every aspect of our service. This includes:

Designed for the long haul

Our science is not just about providing answers; it’s about offering security and support for your family’s health journey over the long term. By sequencing 100% of your child’s DNA and continuously updating our gene lists in line with clinical guidance, we ensure that the care we provide today remains relevant and invaluable for the future. With Fore, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to bringing the very best to your family, every step of the way.


A proactive approach

Children are born with a copy of their mom’s DNA and their father’s DNA and are susceptible to inherited genetic mutations and de novo genetic mutation. Each person has a few millions genetic variants.

Despite having a thorough understanding of family history, it’s impossible to account for every genetic variant through traditional means. This is where genetic screening offers insights into potential health risks by identifying specific gene variants linked to diseases.

The most comprehensive
screen for children

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Fore’s Genetic Health Screen is the most comprehensive genetic health screen for newborns, infants and children.

Currently at ~400 health conditions, significantly expanding the ~50 conditions tested for in most maternity wards with state-mandated newborn screening (NBS).

Fore’s genetic health screening includes neurodevelopmental disorders, pediatric onset cancers, metabolic disorders and many more.

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A solution growing with science

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Each year our genetic experts expand our screening with discovery from the medical and science community. We have historically added approximately 50-75 new genetic insights annually. We expect to look at 100s of new conditions for your little one in their childhood, maybe 1000s.

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The power of early detection

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Fore gives parents a head start on the rest of their amazing journey with their little one. Advanced notice, education and empowerment can lead families into the right activities, diet, therapeutics and provider care planning that can delay, reduce and even eliminate the onset of genetic health conditions. Knowledge is Power!

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Tailored care for EVERY child

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The way individuals respond to medications is deeply personal, influenced by genetic factors that affect how drugs are metabolized.

Reduce the risk of drug reactions and get the right medication

Personalized Pharmacogenomics

Our screening includes how your child’s body processes over 40 medications across 20 therapeutic areas. This information is valuable in avoiding adverse drug reactions, which account for a significant percentage of pediatric hospitalizations.


Lifelong Utility

A comprehensive pharmacogenomics report becomes a critical tool for healthcare providers. It guides medication selection and dosing, ensuring that treatments are precisely tailored to your child’s genetic makeup.

Through Fore’s advanced genetic health screening, we provide families with the insights needed to navigate their children’s health journeys with confidence.

By understanding genetic predisposition to diseases and medication responses, we empower parents to make informed decisions, laying the foundation for a healthier future.


Make informed decisions for a healthier future

Learn more about your child’s genetic health every year

Why Fore Family Membership? Continuous genetic monitoring and updated reporting, dynamic health adaptation and proactive health management at every step.

Continuous Genetic Monitoring and Reporting

Benefit from ongoing annual updates on your child’s genetic profile as genetic science and medicine strive to learn more about the indicators of human health, ensuring that care strategies evolve with the latest discoveries.

Expert Care Planning Support

Get the very best in genetic counseling to translate new health insights into individualized care for your child. Annual update reports and genetic counseling sessions are approved for clinical use and welcome provider participation.

Proactive Health Management

Stay ahead with real-time insights into potential genetic predispositions, empowering you to proactively safeguard your child’s well-being at every growth stage.

From infancy to adolescence

We’re committed to giving you excellent benefits in your membership during all stages.

Learn More

Our DNA is a blueprint of information, offering deep insights into our health, heritage, and future. The field of genomics is ever-expanding, revealing new possibilities for enhancing human health each day.

Unveiling the Mysteries of DNA. We invite you to our Learning Center, a dynamic resource designed to share not only Fore’s insights but also the latest developments from the wider world of genetic science.